Can I share keyboxes with my team?

Yes, there are special permissions you can give to allow another person(s) on a team to have access to your keyboxes. This will allow you to share keyboxes and assign these to a team’s MLS listings. You can terminate this permission at any time.

This will allow the team member to do the following:
• release the shackle
• give out one day codes
• assign and/or unassign a box from each team member’s listings, just as the primary keybox owner is allowed

The Agent Team function allows you to search for other agents within your Association by region, ID, team, and status. This function also allows you to add someone to your team.

1. On Main Menu, click Agent Team:

2. The Agent Team screen will be displayed:

To search for an agent:

3. Use the Search Field drop-down menu to select, for example, Agent First Name.

4. Use the Search Type drop-down menu to select a search parameter: begins with, contains, ends with, or matches.

5. In the Search Value text box, enter a value based on what you selected from the Search Field’s drop-down menu.

6. Click Search. Your selected agent will be displayed:

7. To add a team member, click Add Team Member in the upper-left:

8. The Add Agent Team Member screen will be displayed. Click Select:

9. The Agents screen will be displayed. Click the button next to the desired agent and click Submit Changes:

10. The Add Agent Team Member screen will be displayed again, showing the selected name. Click Save Changes:

11. You’ll receive a message confirming your request for an addition to the Agent Team:

Note: The status remains Pending until the agent is added to your team and renews their SentriCard. Then the status changes to the date the agent was added to your team.


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