Can I share keyboxes with my team?

Yes.  You will need to add members to your team directly through SentriLock. 


Team member will be capable to do the following:

  • Release the shackle (using their own PIN)
  • Issue an Access Code
  • Assign/Unassign keybox to listings belonging to any member of the team


This must be set up on

Access it here:

  • From your MLS Portal click the SentriLock icon
  • Select “Manage My Account”
  • Select Account Settings
  • Type the member name in TEAM MEMBERS field that you want to add
  • Select one of the names that come up (names are duplicated because members exist both for MLS Tech and for Texoma Association)
  • To finalize, select “+
  • The member will receive a request within SentriKEY RE app > MESSAGES section to finalize in their SentriKey app


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