What is a 1 day code and how do I use one to open a lockbox key compartment?

1 day codes can be generated by the lockbox owner in the REALTOR® Lockbox Website or the SentriSmart application. They allow access to a lockbox’s key compartment without the use of a SentriCard. 1 day codes are ideal for use by other Agents, homeowners, contractors or anyone else needing lockbox access but are not SentriLock members. 1 day codes are not static, meaning they change on a daily basis.Use the following instructions to open the key compartment of a lockbox with a 1 day code:

  1. On the lockbox’s keypad, press and hold the ENT This will “wake up” the lockbox.
  2. When the lockbox keypad lights up, let go of the ENT button and type out the 1 day code; for example 2862745, and press ENT.
  3. The lockbox will open the key compartment. 


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