What is an ESR code and how do I use one to release the shackle on a lockbox?

An ESR (Emergency Shackle Release) code is a code that can be issued by SentriLock Support in order to release the shackle on a lockbox without a SentriCard®. The only person who can obtain an ESR code for a lockbox is someone who owns the lockbox or has ownership permissions to it.You can use the following instructions to release the shackle on a lockbox with an ESR code:

  1. On the lockbox’s keypad, press and hold the ENT This will “wake up” the lockbox.
  2. When the lockbox keypad lights up, let go of the ENT button and press FUNC + 9 + FUNC + Emergency Shackle Code + ENT.
  3. The lockbox will begin emitting the triple beeps. Hold onto it, and the shackle will release when the triple beeps are finished.



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