How do I use SentriSmart™ to get a mobile access code?

After you are logged into SentriSmart™, use the following steps to generate a mobile access code:

  1. Tap on the Mobile Access.
  2. SentriSmart™ uses your current location to display properties listed for sale in your area. It is as simple as selecting the listing that you want access to from the list provided.

Note: It is important to make sure your device’s location services have been enabled. You must enable location services to use the Properties list feature.

In the Properties list, you will see an access indicator next to each listing. Tapping an access indicator next to a listing presents you with more detailed information about that listing. The following is a description of each access indicator:

  • Green-SentriSmart™ will give you a mobile access code for this listing (the listing is assigned to a lockbox and you can access it)
  • Yellow-SentriSmart™ may give you a mobile access code to this listing (the listing is either not assigned to a lockbox or the lockbox requires a call before showing code)
  • Red-SentriSmart™ will not give you a mobile access code for this listing (the listing is assigned to a lockbox that is either customized for another region or inaccessible at this time
  1. After selecting a listing address, the application will prompt you to enter your PIN and any other required information. Then, tap the Get Access Code.

Note: If a property is not displayed on the list, enter the lockbox serial number and tap the Get Access Code button.

  1. Your mobile access code will be displayed along with instructions for use.


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