How can I get Support?

You can get support from SentriLock:


You can reach SentriLock Technical Support for live support between the hours of 8 a.m. and midnight (ET) with the exception of the following holidays:

  • Thanksgiving Day – Customer Service Call Center is CLOSED
  • Christmas Eve –  Customer Service Call Center is CLOSED
  • Christmas Day –  Customer Service Call Center is CLOSED

If you’re having trouble with a lockbox or your computer, please contact SentriLock Support when you have the lockbox or computer available.

  • US Customers: 513-618-5800
  • Canada and Toll Free: 1-877-736-8745
  • A 24 hour automated support line is available to retrieve a code to renew your SentriCard® or to retrieve a One Day Code for a Lockbox.
  • Email:
  • REALTOR® Lockbox Website: (You’ll need your SentriLock ID and Password to login.)
    • A live chat option is available from this website.

 Phone Renewals:

For SentriCard® renewals or to obtain a One Day Code (if allowed by association) over the phone:

  • Have your SentriCard®, PIN, and a Lockbox ready
  • US Customers: 513-618-5800
  • Canada and Toll Free: 1-877-736-8745
  • Press 2 for the automated phone system
  • Follow along with the prompts

SentriLock Card Utility:

The SentriLock Card Utility can be found here.


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