How do you open the lockbox key compartment?

You can use the following instructions to access the key compartment of a lockbox:

  1. Insert your SentriCard® into a lockbox. Wait until the CODE light displays, then press your PIN + ENT.
  2. After you press your PIN + ENT, the lockbox will display the READY If you immediately remove your SentriCard® from the lockbox while the READY light is lit (and you have not entered another lockbox command), the lockbox will open the key compartment. To open the key compartment after you have entered other commands, press FUNC + 3 + ENT.

* If the lockbox displays the steady CARD and ERROR lights, your SentriCard® might be expired. You need to renew your SentriCard® if it is expired. If the lockbox displays the steady CARD and ERROR lights and your SentriCard® is valid, the lockbox’s internal clock needs to be updated.


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