How do you release the lockbox shackle?

Lockbox owners and their team members can use their SentriKEY RE app to release the shackle from the lockboxes they own or are shared by the team.

  • Open SentriKey RE App
  • Select My Lockboxes
  • Select Release shackle
  • Select keybox needed from list
  • Press ENT
  • Be sure to hold the box by the base so it doesn’t fall
  • Wait for the green light, pull up on shackle
  • Do not perform any other functions with the lockbox while the RED DND light is on.
  • Replace shackle after red light goes off. Shackle must be replaced immediately. Make sure you hear a “click” when replacing the shackle back onto the box.

When you remove the shackle you may lose any custom settings. 




Q:      Can I have another licensed co-worker retrieve my keybox for me?

A:      Yes. 

From time to time, a lockbox owner may ask an agent to remove the lockbox from a property.  They will need a one-time Shackle release code.

To issue a code please follow these steps:

  • Open Sentrikey RE app
  • Tap on MENU at the top LEFT of the application
  • Select My Lockboxes
  • Select “Release Shackle”
  • At bottom of page choose Get Shackle Release Code
  • Choose keybox from list
  • Choose date
  • Select “Get Shackle Release Code”
  • The code can be shared through text or email option in Top Right Corner

They will be required to wait for the series of beeps before shackle can be removed and to replace the shackle immediately after the RED light goes out. 



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