How to create a One Day Codes

Please get permission from Broker and Seller before issuing one day codes. 

After you are logged into SentriKey RE on either iOS or Android device, then use the following steps to generate a 1 day code:

Tap on the MENU at the top LEFT of the application. Select MY LOCKBOXES, then select GET ONE DAY CODE.

Tap on the lockbox SN/listing address you need a 1 day code for, then fill in the ASSIGNED TO field, the Date you need the code for, and then tap on the Get One Day Code option. Then enter your PIN and tap the Get One Day Code button.

Your 1 day code will be displayed along with instructions for use. You will have access to SHARE option to TEXT or EMAIL this code. 


One Day Code Facts

  • One Day Codes are dynamic, which means they change every day.
  • This provides security by giving the code a time limit to access the Lockbox key department without having to visit your Lockbox to change the access code.
  • They are good for a specific day and they automatically expire one hour after they are first used in the Lockbox.
  • One Day Codes can be generated for a Lockbox up to two weeks prior to when the code is actually needed.
  • The One Day Code can be assigned to the person that will be using it and their access to the Lockbox using the code will be recorded.


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