One Day Codes

Please get permission from Broker and Seller before issuing one day codes. 

Android and ios

After you are logged into SentriSmart™, use the following steps to generate a 1 day code on an Android device:

Tap on the Lockbox Tools tab at the top of the application.
Tap on the lockbox SN/listing address you need a 1 day code for.
Tap on the Get One Day Code option.
Note: This feature cannot be used if your Association settings do not permit the use of 1 day codes.

Select the date you need the code for.
Enter a name of who the code is going to in the Assigned To field.
Note: If this field is required, you cannot obtain a 1 day code until you fill it in.

Enter your PIN.
Tap the Get One Day Code button.
Your 1 day code will be displayed along with instructions for use.
Note: If it is your first time using the application to get a 1 day code, you will be given a tutorial. This tutorial indicates that clicking the arrow in the top, right corner allows you to email or SMS message the 1 day code to someone.


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