New Dashboard Widgets in Matrix 11

All Dashboard widgets, with the exception of the “News & Alerts” widget can be repositioned by first selecting the “Edit Dashboard” button then dragging and dropping a widget to a new position in the list.

Toggle a widget to the, “off” position to remove it from your Dashboard.


Here's a quick rundown on the available Widgets:

  • News & Alerts: Select an item from the list to display the news or alert content in a modal pop-up window.

  • My Carts: Select a cart link to display all listings currently saved
    in a recently used Cart.

  • Recent OneHome™ Visitors:
    Quickly view a recent OneHome™ visitor’s information by selecting their name.
    NOTE: includes only the 10 most recent Portal visitors within the last 30 days.
    NOTE: the time/date stamp indicates when the contact last visited their Portal.
    NOTE: hover over an icon for its definition.

  • Market Watch: select a link to display listings with a change to that activity or status.
    NOTE: each number (in brackets) represents how many listings results will be displayed based
    on the Property Type and time frame you selected.
    NOTE: select the, “Refresh” link to update the counts at any time.
    NOTE: for more information, see, “Market Watch (Customize)” in the, “My Matrix” section.

  • Stats: select a link to run your saved preset chart statistic.
    Note: for more information, see, “Stats (Save)” in the, “Stats” section.

  • My Favorite Searches: select a link to display the results of your favorite saved search.
    NOTE: manage your favorite search by selecting on the, “Manage” link located to the right of the saved search name.
    NOTE: a maximum of 10 favorite searches.
    NOTE: to create a favorite search, see, “New Saved Search” under, “Button Bar” in the “Search” section.
    NOTE: select, “Update All” to view the number of new listings there are for each Favorite Search since the last time the, “Update All” link was selected.

  • My Listings: select a link to display all your listings (based on status and property type).
    NOTE: each link displays the status, the property type and (in brackets) the current number of listings.

  • Concierge: select a client’s name to display all listings waiting on approval before being sent.
    NOTE: each link displays the client’s name and (in brackets) the number of listings waiting on approval.
    NOTE: a, “Concierge Alert” also appears in the Matrix™ header’s notification bell.

  • Recent Use Contacts: select a name to display details of a recently used contact.

  • Hot Sheets: select on a property type link to display all listings with a status change during the specified time frame.
    NOTE: see, “Hot Sheets (Customize) in the, “Settings” section to customize this widget.

  • Contact Requests: select a name to view prospect information sent from your IDX or Agent Website visitor.


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