Contacts Dashboard in Matrix 11

The Contacts Dashboard in Matrix 11 includes some great new features to help you get the information you need about your clients as quickly as possible. To accomplish this some adjustments were made to the interface to prioritize the most important details and interactions. Below we'll showcase the features that will help you work with your clients through the Contacts Dashboard:

  1. Edit: update this contact’s details.
    NOTE: for more information see, “Contacts (Add)” in the, “My Matrix” section.
  2. Opt-In Communications: select the, “Send Request” button to send your contact—or, their group
    member—an opt-in request.
    NOTE: contacts who have already opted-in to receive email and/or SMS Test will display a checkmark beside their email address and/or phone number in the Contact Information area.
    NOTE: for more information see the, “Opt-In Requests” section.
  3. PropertyFit: a property score is determined based on these responses provided by your contact in their OneHome™ PropertyFit tool.
    NOTE: while viewing search results for this contact, a unique, “Fit Score” will appear as an additional field associated with each listing – indicating how much of a match the property is for the contact. Contacts containing multiple email addresses (i.e. husband and wife) may display a unique Fit Score for each address.
    NOTE: for more information see, “View As” under, “Refine” in the, “Button Bar” section.
  4. Planner: your contact can select, from OneHome, which buying or selling options that they would like to become more familiar with. Your Planner section, in Matrix, provides you with an at-a-glance view of exactly where your contact
    currently is in their review process.
  5. Essentials Review: review important contact details such as:
    1. if they are pre-approved for a mortgage.
    2. if they are visible as a reverse prospect.
    3. Properties that they’ve favorited or discarded.
  6. Recent Activity: view a timeline of this contact’s most recent OneHome


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