Configure Office Settings in TransactionDesk

Use the office settings to apply certain settings to all agent users in a specific office. For example, you can use the office settings to control whether agent users are able to delete transactions they create.

Before you begin

You require Broker-level or admin-level permissions to adjust office settings.


  1. Navigate to Broker Tools > Office Settings.
    office settings page
  2. Click General under the office you need to configure if you need to configure settings that are not related to reminder emails or integrations.
  3. Type a name for the specific office in the Office Alias field if you need to change the name of the office as it appears throughout the entire solution.
  4. For each office, use the Allow Agents to Delete Transactions dropdown to set whether agents can delete transactions they create. Super users can always delete transactions, even if this is set to No.
  5. Use the Enable Transaction Transfer dropdown to set whether agents can transfer transactions to other agents.
    Note: If your office has the Enable Transaction Transfer setting set to Yes, then when the agent leaves an office to go to another office, the transactions that were created while at the current office are automatically transferred to the Super User for that office location.
  6. Use the Show Vendors to Participants dropdown to let participants see the vendors you marked as preferred when they log in to a transaction you share with them. You mark a vendor as preferred in Setup when specifying service providers.
  7. When enabled, you can use the Force Agents to use Templates dropdown to force your agents to use a template to create all transactions. This helps you ensure agents use a set group of forms and checklists for every transaction.
  8. Optional: Use the Only track Mandatory Items in Progress Bar dropdown to limit what is displayed in the progress bar to those checklist items that are mandatory. The default is to base progress on all items.
  9. Recommended: Set Require Agents to Assign Documents to Checklist Items dropdown to Yes to ensure agents attach documents to the appropriate checklist items. This option is turned off by default, but is recommended as a best practice for your brokerage.
  10. Set Ask to provide a note to On Accepting and Rejecting if you need reviewers to provide a note explaining the outcome of a review whether the document is accepted or rejected. Select On Rejecting Only if you need reviewers to provide a note when the document is rejected only.
  11. Click Summary Email under the office you need to configure if you need to configure settings that are related to reminder emails.
  12. Use the Task Reminders for dropdown to receive a daily reminder of the tasks that are due, past due, or coming up soon for all agents in your office. This helps you keep track of what needs to be completed.
    If you use the Task Reminders for option, use the Time of day dropdowns to select what time of day you want to receive the reminder.
    Check Show completed tasks to include completed tasks in your notification.
  13. Click Marketplace Integrations under the office you need to configure if you need to configure settings that are related to integrations. 
  14. If applicable, enable any integrations for all agents. Enable an integration by selecting Yes in the dropdown. To learn about an integration, click What's This next to the integration name.
    Note: If you need to disable an integration, you can use the dropdown to select No.
  15. If you see the option Allow Super User Flagging, as shown below, you can set this option to 'Yes' to allow other super users in your office to set additional users as super users. When set to 'No', only the primary super user can see the option to enable another user as a super user.
    allow super user flagging option on office settings page
  16. Repeat Steps 2 to 15 for any branch offices in your brokerage.
  17. When you are finished setting your office settings, click Update.

Your settings are saved and immediately applied.




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