Accessing Your Client's Portal

The Portal is a repository for information shared between you and your client. It is a central location that organizes Auto Searches, Reports, and Selected Listings so your client can better manage these going forward.


The Portal also allows your client to create and save personalized Custom Searches. This communication tool connects you and your client whenever additional property information is required through email or listing notes.


The Portal is dynamic, so your client will always be viewing live, up-to-the-minute data. Whether there's been a change in Listing Price or an updated Public Remark, your client will see it all in real-time.


Accessing and Organizing Listings in Your Client's Portal

  1. Click the My Matrix menu and then Contacts.
  2. Click the Contact's Name.
  3. Click Open Portal.
  4. The Portal will open in a pop-up window.



The Portal Home Page

  • Agent Information: Displays your contact information.
  • Portal Greeting: Create a greeting for all your clients to see on their Portal Home Page.
  • Welcome: The Home Page tab where your client can come back and see the links and Notes.
  • Properties: This will take your client to the list of properties you have sent to them, either through Direct Email or Auto Searches. They will also be able to create and save their searches to their Home Page.
  • Slideshow: The slideshow will rotate through properties marked as Favorites. If no properties are Favorites, Possibilities will display. If no properties are selected, the slideshow will not appear.
  • Direct Emails and Reports: Properties and Reports directly emailed to your client will appear in this box. These include CMA's, Driving Directions, Selected Listings, Stats, or Custom Reports.
  • Selected Properties: Properties you or your clients mark as Favorite, Possibilities, or Discard display counts. Click on the link, and only those listings will appear in the list and on the map.
  • Recent Notes: Displayed are the most recent three Notes you have shared with clients. Listings with Unread Notes will appear with an asterisk in the icon. 
  • My Searches: This shows a list of custom client-saved Portal searches.
  • Auto Searches: Displays Searches automatically emailed to you when new listings that meet your client's criteria appear on the system. Click the link to view the results. 

Note: You can adjust your client's portal display and help your client categorize listings into "Favorites" or "Possibilities."


You and your clients can share notes on properties. Each message will have the author and a time/date stamp. Icons will appear on your contact page's header after you or your client has organized a portal. Links will appear under the icons representing the number of listings in each category. Click on one of the numbers to view the listings organized into "Favorites," "Possibilities," or "Discarded."


Note: Organized Matrix listings appear after a short lag.



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