Sorting Listings in Search Results

Matrix will automatically sort search results, but you can create a custom sort order by clicking the "Sort" button on the floating toolbar's Refine section.

From your search results screen, click the Refine section on the floating toolbar, and click "Sort."

It is not necessary to select listings to change your sort order.

Select the field(s) you would like to sort within the "Available" column and then either double click on the label name or select the field and click "Add."

Select Up or Down to choose the field sort order.

After adding the field to the "Sort Fields" column, double click the field name to switch between ascending and descending.

Click "OK." The listings will automatically appear using the new sort order.

Note: Matrix can sort up to 5,000 listings in your search results. If you have more than 5,000, click the Criteria button on the floating toolbar's Actions section and add additional criteria to limit your results.


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