My Matrix Settings

The My Matrix tab offers a “Settings” page where you can create or edit a custom email signature and personalize various print reports and displays by creating a Header/Footer package.
Note: “Personal Profiles” cannot be updated directly in Matrix.
 Creating an Email Signature
 Hover over the “My Matrix” tab and click “Settings”
 Type a message in the “Email Signature” box
Click “Save Email Signature”
The message will auto-fill on your screen when you send listings from Matrix


†  Creating Headers/Footers
The “Header/Footer” feature allows you to personalize your portal and various print reports. The Header displays selected information at the top of the pages and the “Footer” allows you to display information at the bottom.
Matrix offers template packages that you can use to format your information. You can also upload a custom header/footer that you have created. Note: Not all packages have the Footer templates.
Create Header/Footer using a template:

Hover over the “My Matrix” tab and click “Settings”
Select “Header & Footer”
Select one of the available background/layout templates and click “Next: Set my Information”
Fill in the details you wish to be displayed or click on the link to pre-fill your details based on your personal profile information
Upload your photo by clicking on the “Browse” button to choose the file to upload
Click “Preview” to view your package prior to saving or click “Save” to save your Header/Footer
Important Note: You must manually change your header if you switch offices; your office information will not update automatically in the header settings.

Creating Headers/Footers (cont.)
Upload a custom Header/Footer
Hover over the “My Matrix” tab and
click “Settings” and select “Header & Footer”
Select “Upload custom header/footer images”
and then click “Next: Set my Information”
Upload your images for the Header, Footer, Print Header, and Print Footer by clicking the “Browse” button from each section
1. Each Header/Footer section has a required image size.
2. Images larger than these sizes are not accepted due to graphic corruption when scaling the image to the appropriate size.
3. Images smaller will be left justified, centered vertically and padded with a white border.
4. Images should be in bmp or jpg formats
5. Images for the Header/Footer (display viewing) should be visually web friendly as they will be viewed by clients in a web browser.
Click “Save” to save your custom images


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