My Settings in Matrix

At the top right of Matrix, there is a "Hello, [your name]" button that offers a "Settings" page where you can find a variety of options to modify your information in Matrix and change settings for searches, shortcuts, Hot Sheets, and notifications. Here we will cover updating your publicly visible information, including the Email Signature and Headers & Footers.

Updating your contact information

When on the Settings menu, click on the My Information section at the top left; it should start with the Information tab. From here, make sure that your contact information is correct. If you notice that an area is greyed out and can't change it, it's information that is incorrect with our Membership team. Please contact membership or support (918-663-7500) to update that information. If you need it to be changed immediately or our office is closed, you can use the 'Override?' checkbox to the right of the field to manually edit the information for now and work with our teams to update it later.


The information tab's contact fields will apply to the "branding" information on the Header & Footer and the Portal Profile.

Creating an Email Signature

  1. Click on the My Information section at the top left, then Email Signature.
  2. Type a message in the "Email Signature" box
  3. Click "Save Email Signature"
  4. The message will auto-fill on your screen when you send listings from Matrix.

Creating Headers and Footers

The "Header & Footer" feature allows you to personalize your portal and various print reports. The Header displays selected information at the top of the pages, and the "Footer" enables you to display information at the bottom.

Matrix offers template packages that you can use to format your information. You can also upload a custom header/footer that you have created. Note: Not all packages have the Footer templates.

Create Header/Footer using a template:

  1. Click on the My Information section at the top left, then Header & Footer.
  2. Select one of the available background/layout templates and click "Next: Set my Information."
  3. Fill in the details you wish to be displayed, or click on the link to pre-fill your details based on your profile information.
  4. Upload your photo by clicking on the "Browse" button to choose the file to upload.
  5. Click "Preview" to view your package before saving or click "Save" to save your Header/Footer.

To upload a custom Header image:

  1. Select "Upload a custom banner image."
  2. Upload your image by clicking the "Browse" button from each section.


  • Each Header/Footer section has a required image size.
  • Images larger than these sizes are not accepted due to graphic corruption when scaling the image to the appropriate size.
  • Images smaller will be left-justified, centered vertically, and padded with a white border.
  • Images should be in .JPG or .JPEG file format.
  • Images for the Header/Footer (display viewing) should be visually web-friendly as clients in a web browser will view them.
  • Click "Save" to save your custom images.


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