My account was flagged for password sharing, but I only let my Assistant log in as me. Why am I being flagged for sharing?

If your Assistant is logging in with your information, this will trigger the Password Sharing flag. Why? The MLS Technology Rules and Regulations clarifies:

Confidentiality of System Password/Identification.

(a) Participants, Users and Unlicensed Assistants, who access the MLS system, shall not share their access or give their password/identification to any other person, whether affiliated with their firm or not except under the following conditions:

  • The Participant’s, User’s or Unlicensed Assistant’s computer is disabled and must be taken off premises for repair by a computer repair technician and the technician needs the Participant’s or User’s password to set up the user’s email account in an email program. In this event, the Participant, User or Unlicensed Assistant must change their password within twenty-four (24) hours of sharing such password with the technician. (7/20/06)
  • In the event the Participant, User or Unlicensed Assistant needs the assistance of MLS Technology staff with log-in, the Participant, User or Unlicensed Assistant can share their password with the MLS Technology staff member assisting them.(6/23/05)

(b) A requirement by the participant and/or managers that a User and/or Unlicensed Assistant share their password with the participant and/or manager shall be considered a violation of these Rules and Regulations.

(c) Termination of Employment of Unlicensed Assistant. In the event an Unlicensed Assistant resigns or whose employment by the Participant and/or User is terminated, the Participant and or User shall immediately notify the MLS Technology staff so that the Assistant’s access to MLS data can be terminated.

So what does all this mean? If you have an Assistant, contact our Membership team at 918-663-7500 to register your assistant for their own login. They will become an authorized user who can access information as you, without the need for your password.


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