How do I find my shackle code?

There are two ways to find your shackle code for your keybox.

First, if your boxes have been registered on SupraWeb, you can log in to SupraWeb and view your Inventory, which will give you your shackle codes.

The other method is to call GTAR at 918-663-7500 and we can email your shackle code and inventory to you.

We highly recommend that you register your keybox on SupraWeb so you can have access to your shackle code 24/7.

The keybox must belong to the agent who calls GTAR to get the shackle code. If you buy boxes from other agents, a keybox transfer has to be completed and sent to us so we can put the keybox in your name. You will need to fill out a Keybox Transfer Form and either email it to GTAR or fax it at 918-663-8815






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