How do I unassign a keybox?

You will need to log on to, and then
view or edit details about your listing by clicking on the listing ID link from the Showings Dashboard or by clicking on LISTINGS and then selecting the MLS# link from your Listing Inventory.
From the listing details screen you can select:

• Change MLS # - change the MLS listing number assigned to the keybox
• Edit Address - edit the listing address
• Edit Email CC - designate an email recipient to receive an email anytime the listing is shown
• Edit Photo - add a photo of the listing. The photo appears on your Listing Inventory page and when you email agents that have shown your listing as a reminder of the listing.
• Add Feedback Question - add questions to solicit specific feedback about the listing from showing agents
• Add Keybox - add a keybox to your keybox inventory
• Unassign Listing - unassign the keybox from the listing when the keybox is removed
• Delete Keybox - delete the keybox assigned to the listing from your keybox inventory
• Showing Time Activity - view Showing Time activity for your listing if your association/MLS subscribes so the Showing Time feature


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