How to use My Search in Realist

Performing A Search With My Search

Finding Properties Using Templates And Templates With Values.

After you’ve performed a few searches, you’ll likely find you want to create some customized searches that fit into your own everyday work. You can create up to 25 Saved Forms and/or Searches.

To Create A New Form Or Search From An Existing Form

The easiest way to create a new form or search is to build off one of the MLS-defined Forms that are available when you first log in to Realist:

  • At the top of the Search bar select the Customize Search link:


  • The Customize Search window opens. This is a list of all available search fields for your MLS (note that all fields shown in the screen shot may not be available to you):


  • Click the X to remove a search attribute in the Selected Attributes panel on the right. This is a list of all search attributes that are currently included on the search Form. OR Add additional search attributes to the search Form by selecting the additional attributes. Click a category in the left frame to filter the search attributes or use the Show All category to view all attributes available.
  • Click Apply when you have selected all the search attributes you would like to appear on your Form or Saved Search. The Customize Search window closes and the search Form reflects the changes you made.
  • Click Save if you would like to save the selected search attributes but want to continue staying on the Customize Search window to make additional edits
  • If changes are made to a custom search template but are not saved, you will be prompted to save the changes prior to navigating away from the Customize Search window.

Work with attributes directly on the My Search panel to finalize the form.
Click the Save icon to save the current form:


The Save window opens:


  • If you have added a search value to the search template, you can save the search as a Search template with values. When saving a search that has values, the form will automatically default to ‘Search template with values”. If you select save as a Search Template only, all values you’ve added to the search template will be cleared.
  • Add a name for the form or search. Search name should be unique
  • Click Save. Your Search Template or Search Template with value is saved. You can access it anytime from the My Search menu.

TIP: Map shapes can also be saved as part of search. Refer to Using the Realist Map for details.

To Create A Search Template Or Search Template With Values

Take the following steps if you would like to create a new search template or search template with values:

  • On the My Search menu, click on the dropdown and select “Create New Search”


  • The Customize Search window opens up as a clean state.


  • Select the fields you would like included on your Search template. You can filter the list of available attributes by category or you can view all available fields using the Show All option.
  • Click Apply. The Search template is created and you are returned to the My Search panel, where the new selected attributes are displayed. You will then be able to enter values and then save the search template as a search template with values.
  • Click the Save icon to save the current Search template and continue working on modifying other search templates.

Opening An Existing Search Template Or Search Template With Values.

You can open an existing search template or a search template with values by going to My Search and selecting the “search” dropdown. Within this dropdown you will find all available search templates, including admin-created and user-created ones. Note that admin-created searches appear on the list with a locked icon.


To Open An Existing Search Template Or Search Template With Values

  • Find the desired search template/search template with values and simply select it. The corresponding template for the selected search will automatically populate on the My Search form

To Create A Search Template Based On An Admin-Created Search Template

By default, the Admin-created searches are locked and cannot be modified. However, you are still able to select an existing admin-created search and use that as a baseline for created a new search template. To do so, you can either:

  • go directly to the Customize Search window and select the admin-created search;
  • select the desired admin-created search template from the dropdown list.


Now simply start selecting additional attributes and the locked search template will automatically switch to a brand new one:


You can now select ‘Apply’ to start using the search based on the newly selected criteria.

You can also optionally provide a search name although it is not required at this time. Selecting “save” will require a search name to be entered.

Important! This search menu list displays all the available search templates and search templates with values, with the newest ones appearing at the top of the list. If you notice that the list does not match up with your list of searches, clear the cache in your browser to update the list.


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