Emailing Listing Portal

The “Portal” in Matrix is a great communication tool that helps you and your clients collect favorite listings. After you save your client as a contact, every listing you email them will appear and they can view details about each property, access the listing photos and use the advanced map tool to see the street and aerial views of the area. They can also organize the listings or discard the ones that don’t meet their needs.

Listings emailed from Cross Property Searches, however, cannot be organized into the “Favorites” or “Possibilities” sections of the portal.  Note: DO NOT use Cross Property Searches if you or your client would like to organize listings in the portal. The Favorite, Possibility and Discard options are not available if the listings were found using a Cross Property Search.
Creating and Using a Client Portal
First save your client as a contact by hovering over the My Matrix tab and then selecting “Contacts.”
Click “Add”, fill in your client’s information and then click “Save”. For a “quick” add, use the form with fewer fields. To enter the full data on a client, click to show all fields. Click “Save” when complete.

After running your search, select the listings you want to email and then click the “Email Button” on the floating tool bar.

Fill in your client’s name, subject line, and any email message you may have.
Click send. Your clients will receive an email with a link to access their portal.
To fill in your client’s name, you can either manually enter the information or click on the To: button. This will bring up a window where you can search and find your client’s information and auto-fill the email address from the client’s record.


TIP: For more information on opening and helping organize listings in your client’s portal, view the Accessing the Portal user guide.


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