RETS IDX FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is RETS?
RETS is an acronym which stands for Real Estate Transaction Standard.
RETS was created to overcome the difficulties presented by the existence of a large number of organizations desiring to share and distribute real estate information with others. RETS addressed this need by providing a common standard for the exchange of real estate data. Many MLS data exchange service providers use the RETS protocol.
The Real Estate Transaction Standard (RETS) facilitates data transfer between partners in the real estate industry. Creating and improving RETS is a collaborative effort to simplify moving real estate information from system to system and simplify solution development efforts. As RETS usage matures and expands, MLS with geographic overlaps can create data-sharing policies that provide their members a single point of entry to search multiple MLS data sets.

What does that mean?

It means we send all Active MLS data to a third party vendor, who is building your site, and they use that data on your site while people do searches.

How is this different from the Framed IDX?

The Framed IDX keeps people in a window that is away from your site, and all searches are performed through the Tulsa MLS instead of the data sent to your site. Framed IDX is more cost-effective at the expense of customization.

How much does RETS IDX cost?

RETS IDX costs a one-time fee is $250 for Agents, $150 for a Broker. This does not include any fees your vendor may charge you for developing your website. The charge is billed to your quarterly dues. Before signing up for RETS IDX make sure it is what you want, and your vendor is capable of using RETS IDX to build your site.

What do I do if I change IDX Vendors? Do I get charged again?

If you change IDX Vendors, you will need to contact us with your new vendor as we will need to speak with them to give them access to RETS and ensure they are compliant with our rules. You will not be subject to another one-time fee.


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