How do I look up information for Neighbors in Realist?

Modify Neighbors Search Preferences link:

•The Neighbors Report Preferences window opens:

•Select the preferences for the report:
Option Description
Number of Neighbors Enter the number of neighbor properties you would like to display on the report.
Display Map Select this check box to display the Map with the neighbor properties as pushpins in the top portion of the report.
Display Property Images Select this check box if you want images of the property, when available, to display in the report.
Distance from Subject Enter the number of miles from the subject property to search for and display neighbors.
Geographic Boundary Select whether to display properties just on the subject’s street or within the entire area.

•Click Save and Submit to save your changes and submit the changes for the current report OR
•Click Submit to submit the changes for the current report but leave the original preferences for future reports


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