What's the difference between forms and searches?

The Difference between Forms and Searches

 A search Form is a group of blank search fields that you can create to match the information you want to search for. To search for a property using a Form, you enter values to the search fields (i.e. complete the form). In Realist, these search fields are called “Attributes.”

 A saved Search is essentially a search Form with values added to some of the search fields. Think of this as a completed Form that you plan to use again.

For example, perhaps you have a search Form that includes Tax ID, Owner Name, Address, and Zip Code. If you add a zip code to that form and save it, the Form becomes a “Saved Search” that you can use over and over as needed.

This is convenient for your marketing activities in which you may send out postcards each month or perhaps save common searches used in a specific subdivision or neighborhood.

Smart Form/Search Recall
 The last Form or Search that you used will be displayed the next time you login.

Search Results Grid and Realist Map

After you perform your search, properties that match your search criteria are displayed in the Search Results Grid and on the Realist Map. You can continue to work with the data on the Map to refine your search, create reports, export information to a CSV file or mailing labels, and even email information directly to clients


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