Uploading a Listing from Transaction Desk

In order to upload a listing from Transaction Desk to Matrix, first you must have Add/Edit capabilities in Matrix. 

Open up Transaction Desk and either:

A. Start a new transaction and then search forms for the appropriate Property Data form


B. Find the appropriate Property Data Form and Create a New Standalone Form

The Property Data Forms are located in the MLS Specific Forms folder in Transaction Desk forms and there are 4 options to choose from.

Once you have the correct Property Data Form selected, fill it out and then you are ready to upload the listing. In the top right there will be an option to Upload Listing. If there is not an option to Upload Listing then you do not have Add/Edit privileges and cannot upload listings until you receive Add/Edit rights.


This will create an Incomplete listing in Matrix which you can now open Matrix and finish editing the listing, add photos, and anything else that needs to be done before making the listing live.


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