MLSTech - Frequently Asked Questions

Are you new to MLSTech? Want to know what the most frequently asked questions are? Here are a few below to help you get started with MLSTech.

  • What is MLSTech?

MLSTech is another way for you to use our MLS - and it also lets your clients use the power of our MLS to search while being attached to you, the Agent.

  • Is there an App in the Google Play or App Store for this?

Yes, there is! Just search for "MLSTech".

  • I keep seeing "powered by BoxMLS" or other references to BoxMLS. What is BoxMLS?

BoxMLS is the creator of MLSTech and is the framework that powers MLSTech.

  • Does MLSTech work on mobile?

Yes, it does, no matter the browser on your phone. You can also download the app, referenced above.

  • How do I search by Acres?

Acres is available under Lot Size - both square feet ranges and acreage ranges are available in the drop-down.

  • I can't find one of my listings. What's going on?

MLSTech relies on the map to search. If you do not have the correct map location on the screen while performing your search, you won't be able to view the property you want to find. Make sure the map is either zoomed out or in the correct area.

Also possible: if you have not mapped your property correctly in Add/Edit, this can affect how your property is shown. Make sure you map it in Add/Edit and verify the location is correct.

We will be adding more Frequently Asked Questions as they come in. Thanks for reading, and for more information and help, here is BoxMLS' knowledgebase.

If you would like to learn how to use the MLSTech mobile app or need assistance with issues within the app the developers have an entire knowledge base just for the app which can be found here:

Alternatively, within the app there's a little blue chat icon at the bottom right of the screen that will allow you to contact the developers directly. Any problems with data or functionality should be directed to them. This is also a great place to make suggestions if you notice an improvement that could be made to the app.


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