How to do a Wildcard search

*  Allows you to search without typing everything in the field before or after.  For example, looking for a subdivision "Murry Highlands".  If I simply put an * after Murry it will pull up anything that has anything behind the word Murry.  If I put * before Highlands It will pull up anything with Highlands at the end.

+ in my search will look at anything greater than what I put in the field.  For example, "3+" bedrooms will find anything with 3 bedrooms and more.  If I put in "100+" in the price field it will find anything that is $100K or greater.

- in my search will find the lesser amount.  For example, if I put "100-" in the price field it will find anything below $100K.  If I put "3-" in bedroom it will find 3 and below.  Also, you can use the hyphen to define a range, for example, enter "100-200" in the price field and it will find anything in that price range.

! in my search will exclude what I have.  For example, "!Murry Highlands".  This will exclude anything that is in Murry Highlands. This can be used in conjunction with other wildcards, so if you want to exclude all the Minshall Park subdivisions, regardless of the addition or extension, you could do a search "!*minshall*" and it would exclude all subdivisions that even include the word Minshall.


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