What is "Coming Soon" and how is it used?


Coming Soon is a new status in our MLS. It does not replace any other statuses and is used for specific situations.

You may wish to have a Coming Soon listing to get people excited about a listing before it hits the market.

Your sellers may need to do repairs or other adjustments to the house before they are ready to list, but you want to make sure they sign a contract with you that still gives them time to prepare their home for being listed.

Rule #1: The home must be ready to show within 10 days.

Rule #2: You can list the property in our MLS as Coming Soon up to 10 days before the Showing Start Date.

Rule #3: You cannot under any circumstances show the home before the Showing Start Date.

You can put a Coming Soon sign in the yard as long as the property is listed as Coming Soon in the MLS within 24 hours.

Rule #4: You can advertise the listing on social media, with one caveat. It must be stated as a Coming Soon property with the Showing Start Date expressed.

Rule #5: The sellers cannot be presented any offers during the Coming Soon timeframe.

The Coming Soon Seller Authorization Form is also REQUIRED for any Coming Soon listings. You can find the form here:

Coming Soon listings automatically transition to Active listings once the Showing Start Date arrives.

If you add properties regularly, you will notice the front page has changed when you go to Add/Edit. It will immediately ask you if you are entering an Active listing or a Coming Soon listing.  After that initial page, you should be in the same familiar place you're used to with Add/Edit, with an added field - Showing Start Date. This is a required field.

Coming Soon is not a replacement for Incomplete listings.


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