Working with Realist Search Results

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After you execute a search, the search results appear in the Search Results Grid and the Map automatically zooms in to the location of the property(ies). How you work with this data is entirely up to you and it may vary depending on the type of search you performed.

The Search feature is designed to be flexible enough to support the variety of tasks you may need to complete during your workday.

Workday Scenarios

The following scenarios show some ways you can use your search results:

  • You recently sold a house in a particular neighborhood and want to follow-up with a marketing mailing to the neighbors. Using a search you can find the neighboring properties and quickly generate mailing labels from your Search Results Grid.
  • You are interested in finding out more about a known property and its location. You can run a single property search to view information directly on the Search Results Grid using the standard columns, and then add any additional data columns you are interested in. You can even see on the Map where the property is located, what’s nearby, and what the area is like. And, if you find the property might interest a client, you can easily email the property information to them right from the Search Results Grid.
  • You would like to analyze data internally at your office. You can run your search and then print or export the data directly from the Search Results Grid.


There are several ways you can choose to view data:

  • Map: This view will collapse the Search Results Grid and display a larger version of the Map.
  • List: This view will collapse the Map and display only the Search Results Grid.
  • Split: This is the default view. The Map and Search Results Grid show simultaneously.

When you access Realist, the Map and the search grid results both display in Split view:


View All 3,000 Results

You now have the option to select up to 3,000 search results back when searching in Quick Search or My Search. This feature is especially helpful when exporting or generating mailing labels for a large number of records from your searches.

At the bottom of the Search Pane you will be able to switch between 1-1000, 1001-2000, and 2001-3000 results.



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