Virtual Open House

A Virtual Open House is interactive. It's for a set time/date, just like a typical open house. The difference is that attendees are not physically IN the house, only you. Potential customers (as well as other licensees) can come and go during the live open house, which is hosted by you.

You, the listing agent, will need video conference software to host the open house. Zoom offers a 40 minute free trial, with longer times available for people who subscribe to their service. Instagram and Facebook Live also permit you to stream your Virtual Open House on their platforms.

To post your Virtual Open House in Matrix go to Add/Edit to add an Open House.

This time, select the Type of Open House - and select "Virtual" - the difference with a Virtual Open House is that you will be submitting a URL to the link that people will click at the appointed time to see your Virtual Open House.

Once you've selected your date and time, submit the Open House and it will now show up in Matrix's Open House search. Currently other websites do not display Virtual Open Houses, but we expect them to move forward and display these at a later date.

If you want to search for Virtual Open Houses, it's an easy two step process:
Go to Search, select Open House
Select Virtual as the Open House type
Your results will show all listings that fit your criteria. Clicking on the MLS# will get you to the listing's  Virtual Open House URL.


Click on that URL when the Virtual Open House is live, and you can view the Virtual Open House!


If you're looking at a property in Matrix and it shows a Virtual Open House is upcoming, you can click on the Open House button above the text to take you to the Open House result of that listing - you can then click on the URL to go to the Virtual Open House when it's live.



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