How to switch to SentriKey Showing Service for your listings

Log in to the MLS Portal and click on ShowingTime.

On the left of the page click on Listing Setup, then on each of your listings one at a time and change “Allow Showing Agents to Request Appts Online?" to "No".


Alternatively, if you click on your profile (your name at the bottom left of the menu) you can find a section called Listing Agent - Showing Preferences, under there if you change “Allow Agents To Request Appointments Online?" to "No" it will change it for all your listings at once.


Be sure to save your changes.


Next, on your listing in Matrix change the Showing Contact option to SentriKey. This can be found in the Broker/Disclosure/Finance/Warranty section when adding or editing a listing. If you have an admin that puts your listings in, they will need to update this for you.


If the Showing Contact is set to any other option than SentriKey, the Showing Sam icon mceclip1.png will not appear on your listing in Matrix.


Finally, back to the portal and click on SentriKey. Your listings are already in the SentriKey Showing Service.

Before you get started in SentriKey verify your email and phone number under Manage My Account or your photo/person icon on the top right under My Settings. For more guidance click here. 

Go to My Listings


Click on the address for the property, which should bring you to Appt. Settings


Go to each of the tabs for setting up the the Instructions, Contacts, and Feedback Form.

You can use the dropdown above the tabs to switch between listings.

Instruct any agents to click on the SentriKey icon under the primary photo on the report to request a showing appt!    


Alternately, a showing request can be made in SentriKey by going to My Schedule (Dashboard or Calendar) and click + Add Appointment:


Alternatively you can do it in the SentriKey app under the menu My Schedule, then Schedule a Showing:



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