What is Data Co-op?

The Data Co-op™ brings you a wealth of information you couldn't access before and marketing opportunities that were once beyond reach.

Access and market properties in other markets

Whether you have a client who's relocating or looking for a vacation home, you can tap into the listing data you need. The information is not what clients see on public-facing sites; it's the agent-to-agent information you need on the market, listings, neighborhood, and more. The Data Co-op is also a great way to get your listings in front of agents in other markets who may have clients relocating to your region or looking for investment properties. Unlike public sites that take you out of the equation and provide no professional benefit, the Data Co-op offers multiple listing confidentiality with your peers in other markets. *Subject to multiple listing organization data sharing relationships

Everything you need on one screen

Find everything you need to know on a single screen. Some of the features that may be available are:

  • Property details
  • Photo gallery
  • Tax-record details
  • Enhanced mapping
  • Property reports
  • RealAVM™ reports
  • Listing history
  • Neighborhood reports
  • Nearby school information
  • Community demographics
  • Nearby comparable sales
  • Real estate trends
  • Agent information
  • Ability to email a listing
  • Drag & drop gadgets
  • Option to save to favorites
  • And more!
  • Availability may vary by region.

The latest mapping technology


Use the Data Co-op to perform national or local searches. Either way, you get access to a powerful map interface that delivers a wealth of property information, combining the best of your listing data with CoreLogic public records.

Access to RealAVM property values



CoreLogic is the leading provider of automated valuation models (AVMs) to the mortgage industry, including lender-quality AVM values to 18 of the top 20 mortgage lenders. As a member benefit, the Data Co-op brings the CoreLogic patented AVM process to you through free access to RealAVM, an AVM available exclusively to real estate agents and brokers. Fast, accurate, and available on properties nationwide, RealAVM lets you preview the property values lenders are likely to see when evaluating buyers' loan applications. *Subject to availability

Consolidated property reports



See which properties are in the foreclosure process, locally and in other markets, along with listings in all statuses. The Data Co-op makes it easy to evaluate properties in the three foreclosure stages and see foreclosure activity around a listing or within a neighborhood. By combining all of this information in one map, you will see an accurate 360-degree view of the entire market.*Subject to availability

Access the most accurate and complete property information available


As an agent-to-agent solution, Data Co-op gives access to more listing fields than you'll find anywhere else and far more data than your clients can learn from public-facing sites, including all statuses and agent-only confidential fields not available on IDX-based web sites. The residential listing record provides more than 250 data fields, giving you the necessary property details you have come to expect from your multiple listing organization.

Unique, yet consistent, listing formats


A visit to another real estate board's MLS® System can feel like a trip to another country. The Data Co-op eliminates confusion by providing a common, standards-based listing format for everyone. Whether you are looking at a listing in Dallas or Palm Beach, you'll see the same, easy-to-understand listing structure. But the Data Co-op also retains multiple listing-specific data values that are unique and valuable for each area's marketing properties. With the Data Co-op, you get the best of both worlds, a standard nationwide listing format that includes attributes unique to each multiple listing organization.

Works across all popular browsers and platforms


The Data Co-op gathers all data together into a single interface—accessible through your home multiple listing platform— and makes it available on all popular web browsers, operating systems, and platforms. Tap into the Data Co-op from your desktop, laptop, or tablet, including Apple®'s Mac® and iPad™ products.


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