When is Monthly Sales Statistics data updated?


Monthly market activity reports are released on the 10th day of each month. If the 10th occurs on a weekend or holiday, the reports will be published on the next business day. Publishing on the 10th allows agents to update their sold listings within a few days after the end of the previous month. It also allows data to be reviewed and cleansed to provide accurate results. 


Changes through the 5th of the month are reflected in the prior month's statistics. However, QTD, YTD, and Yearly reports will reflect all changes up to the 5th of the month of when those reports are calculated. At the bottom of each report or chart that is published, it states the processed date.


Public records data will be updated on the 10th as well. The sales associated with public records are available within approximately two months (60 days) of their recording in most jurisdictions. For example, if it is March 15th, the sales in public records through December are most likely available.


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