System Password/Identification Privacy Considerations

If your Assistant is logging in with your information, this will trigger the Password Sharing flag. Why? The MLS Technology Rules and Regulations clarifies:


Confidentiality of System Password/Identification.

(a) Participants, Users and Unlicensed Assistants, who access the MLS system, shall not share their access or give their password/identification to any other person, whether affiliated with their firm or not except under the following conditions: In the event the Participant, User or Unlicensed Assistant needs the assistance of MLS Tech staff with log-in, the Participant, User or Unlicensed Assistant can share their password with the MLS Tech staff member assisting them. (6/23/05)

(b) A requirement by the participant and/or managers that a User and/or Unlicensed Assistant share their password with the participant and/or manager shall be considered a violation of these Rules and Regulations.

(c) Termination of Employment of Unlicensed Assistant. In the event an Unlicensed Assistant resigns or whose employment by the Participant and/or User is terminated, the Participant and or User shall immediately notify the MLS Tech staff so that the Assistant’s access to MLS data can be terminated

[5.7 MLS Technology, Inc. Rules & Regulations]


If you have an Assistant needing MLS access, contact our Membership team at 918-663-7500 to register your Assistant for their log-in. They will become an authorized user who can access information without the need for your password.


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