How do I Report a Violation?

Directly above a listing's photo is the 'Report A Violation' link. To report a violation, click this link and then write in your concern and click submit. The MLS will not inform listing agents of the identity of those who report violations.


As for what constitutes a violation, please review our MLS Rules and Regulations.


A commonly reported violation is the primary photo. 


Section 2.22 Remarks/Media Self-promotion, section 3. Media:

Photographs shall be limited to the real property and shall not include photographs of the User, Participant, legible real estate sign, legible builder's sign, electronic business card, pets, animals, or people as the focal point, etc. 


The Primary photograph must be an aerial view of the property OR the exterior front view of the primary structure. For Vacant Land or Condo listings, the Primary photograph must be a photo of the lot, a photo taken of the view from the lot, an aerial photo of the lot, or a photo of the entrance/subdivision sign (with no legible contact information. 


Photos should not be altered in a way that could potentially mislead another broker and/or consumer. This is including, but not limited to; modifying the roof pitch, adding dormers/shutters, removing power lines, modifying visible structural issues, moving/adding walls inside the house, adding windows, etc. 

[2.22(3) MLS Technology, Inc. Rules & Regulations]


Procedure for reporting a Coming Soon violation:

1. First, contact the listing agent/broker to determine if they have a listing agreement. If not, it is not an MLS violation, as MLS requires a listing agreement before entry.

2. If the listing agent/broker does have a listing agreement, please submit the following to

  • Property Address 
  • Listing Agent Name 
  • Listing Company Name 
  • Photo of Coming Soon (rider, FB post, etc.) 
  • The date you first saw it


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