Statistical Purposes Listings

We allow for listing details to be added to the system that were sold outside the MLS, but they can only be added under certain circumstances.


Section 2.2 Listing Status Defined.

(e) Closed [Sold] Listing. A listing shall be considered Closed [Sold] when the transaction has
closed and the title to the property passes from seller to buyer. Does not apply to Residential
Lease listings (10/23/08.)

  • Requirements for entering a property for "Statistical Purposes":
    1. Participant must have a signed listing agreement or sales fee agreement with the
    2. Listing must include the sale of the land.
    3. Property must be entered within (5) five business days of the Closed Date.
      Participant will enter the List Date, Pending Date and Closed Date all as the Closed
    4. Public Remarks must read: "Entered for Statistical Purposes Only".

[Article I - Section 2.22 - (e) of MLS Technology, Inc. Rules & Regulations]


This means that if you have a "For Sale By Owner" or FSBO listing that you worked with on the buyers' side that you can enter the listing after it's sold. All that's required is that you have a sales fee agreement with the seller.

Due to system limitations, if you are entering a statistical purpose listing from the buyers side, you will need to essentially flop the buying and selling side. Input the listing as if you were the sales agent and then use "NonMLS" for the sales side.

To clarify a bit further, we placed these rules under the Closed listings section to indicate that listings that are being entered only as a statistical purpose listing are meant to be entered only after the listing has been sold. This means that you cannot enter a property as a "Statistical Purposes Only" listing when the sale has not completed, or when the listing is still technically Pending according to our rules.


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