Customizing the Matrix Homepage

The Matrix Homepage is something we can customize and make our own. We may organize and customize the widgets to make them conveniently arranged according to our preference. The first time we enter Matrix, these widgets are positioned and configured to what is the default. However, we can sort the location of these widgets and even personalize their settings for future retention.


The 'News & Alerts' section is static. 'News and Alerts' is the only widget that we cannot move to a different location on our Homepage. To rearrange the other widgets, we hover over their title bar. When we hover our mouse over the title bar, we see that our cursor becomes a four-pointed arrow. We can hold our left mouse button down when we see this four-pointed arrow while dragging to a different location. We can place our frequently used widgets more prominently than those used less often.


Some widgets may not get much use or maybe unused altogether, depending on our purpose for using Matrix. We may choose to close certain widgets completely. We click the X-button to close a widget when our mouse is over the title bar. The widgets that we close are moved to the 'Additional' widget. We may later want to restore a widget we previously closed, and we can quickly recover these by clicking and dragging these widgets from the 'Additional' section to a position we choose.


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