Matrix 11 - Changes in Search Features

The First thing to note about the new Matrix™ Search is that it has been completely redesigned from the ground up.


While the legacy search forms (fields) are still available, Search 11 is responsive in design and integrates the criteria, map and results on a single page ....


This means that Search 11 will look different but still function as expected!


You can currently access this Search using the "Try Our New Search" Button when creating a new search.


See below Screenshot for an example and guide:


In truth - this should feel somewhat familiar to those of you who use REALIST. The search's layout/design is very similar in nature.


The key differences you'll immediately notice is that the map, the results, and the search fields all display on the same page. Where as in the previous search, you'd have to click on the "Results" button at the bottom of the criteria page to see the results in list/table form or click on "Map Search" at the top to view results as they appear on the map. In Search 11 - all of the above appear on a single page all at once.


The key tools you'll need to be reminded of in this update are how to search, where to view your results, and how to generate media/reports/CMA's from search criteria.





All of the criteria fields you will need to conduct a Search using Search 11 will appear in the above highlighted left hand Pane.


You can add or remove any needed or unwanted criteria fields using the "Gear" icon in the upper left of this area.

  • Once in that window - you can make any needed modifications to fields by adding or removing individual fields.


NOTE: Once you begin to input criteria into any field - the results area and map area will automatically update to reflect the changes made in the criteria.


  • The nice thing about having everything on a single page is that you can monitor immediately how the criteria being input is affecting your results.


When you want to start fresh and clear all of your search fields - you can use the "Eraser" icon in the top left of this area to clear all criteria fields.





Viewing results with Search 11 is easier than ever - they will appear immediately to the right of the criteria fields area and will update live as you input criteria. This means you will see the real time effect of the changes you make to the criteria in your criteria fields.


The number of matching results will appear just above the results area and just to the right of the criteria fields area. In this example we see the number of results is 3817.


There are two sub-sections of the results area: The Map View (above) and the List/Table View (below).


  • The Map View area is equivalent to the "Map Search" area of previous versions of Matrix™ and will function in a similar manner
    • (though some notable features have been visibly re-arranged. This will be covered more in the "in-depth" courses and articles over Map Searching)


  • The List/Table View area is equivalent to the "Single Line View" in previous versions of Matrix™ and also remains very similar in appearance and function as the "Single Line View" from previous versions as well.
    • (as you can see above, the information, sort fields/columns, and icons all should look relatively familiar to the previous version.)





Once you have a set of results that you like - you will be able to create reports, generate CMA's, print results, and email as needed using the feature buttons in the top right of the page just above the Map Area.


More information about these features will be available in other articles and courses over creating reports and generating media based off of search criteria.


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