The Matrix 360 CMA


The 360 CMA is a new feature available to Matrix users. This ground-breaking functionality makes it easy for REALTORS® to quickly create CMAs using the best comparable properties—even if they have never been listed for sale in the MLS.

The 360 CMA lets you search for comps across all sources and record types at the same time, including active listings, recently sold/off-market listings, and tax records with no corresponding MLS listing. You can also automatically identify a list of 20 high-quality comps with a single click.



Every listing and tax record in Matrix 360 now includes a "View Comparable Properties" link on the full property display. Clicking the link automatically returns a list of 20 comparable properties. Matrix selects the 20 comps according to a weighted mix of criteria, including similarity to the subject property, proximity, and recency of their status and valuation.


DISCLAIMER: In order to be able to access this feature for your subject listing property - said property must be able to be found using one of our Matrix searches (MLS or Public Records).



The 20 auto-matched comps may include a mix of recent listings and recent non-listing sales from tax data, displayed in a list that combines listing and tax data using the M360 Property table—see below for additional technical information about this data.

To remove unwanted comps from the list, select the properties and click Remove Selected—the Summary statistics will automatically update to reflect the current list.

► Click Find more Comparables to show the criteria used to find these 20 comps in a search form. You can then adjust the criteria and search the M360 data for additional comps to review and add to the list if desired.

► Click View Report to generate the Brief Summary of Compared Properties report in PDF format— the report uses a subset of pages available in a full CMA report. You can choose which pages are included in the report by clicking Selected Pages.



The 360 CMA Report pages are all-new with a modern look and feel, but they are similar to the pages in your existing listing CMA.

From the OCCF results list, click Create CMA to go to the CMA wizard and begin a new 360 CMA Report using the subject property and the comps in the current list.

► You can also create a 360 CMA Report from scratch using the Start a new CMA option on the My CMAs screen.

► For Adjustments, you can use any of the fields in the standardized M360 Property table, which may not include all the same fields available in a regular listing CMA.

CoreLogic is hoping to expand the available Adjustment fields in an upcoming release.



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