Driving Directions

Driving Directions

The “Directions” button on the floating toolbar allows you to create and send customized driving directions for up to 20 listings at once. You can create custom stops, rearrange the order, and then choose from four different reports to print or send to a client.

Create Directions from Listings

  • On your search results screen, Check the listings to include. o Then click “Directions” under the “Actions” option in the floating toolbar.
  • Your selected listings will be placed in a logical order and will be numbered on the map with their numbers next to the thumbnail image on the right. o Hover over the images and arrows will appear to change the order of the listings. o Click the “X” to the left of the property address to remove it from your directions.

Adding Custom Stops

  • Click the “Add Start” or “Add Stop”
  • Fill in the name & address then click “Find Stop” to add to your directions

NOTE: If you change the order, remove stops or add new stops, you will need to hit the Directions button at the bottom to have the system re-assess the order of the addresses and provide accurate directions.

➢ Printing Directions

  • Click the “Print” underneath the map, then click the “Print” from the floating toolbar.
  • Select your printing format from the “Display Directions AS” drop-down menu. Choose between the different map options: ▪ Directions with Overview Map ▪ Directions w/ Point-to-Point and Overview Map ▪ Directions w/ Point-to-Point Maps ▪ Directions Only
  • On the screen that comes up, click Print. 

Please click on view page to view the step by step instructions.


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