IntraMatrix with MLSOK

MLS Technology and MLSOK will soon be sharing access to listing data through CoreLogic’s IntraMatrix! This will allow members to access both MLS systems to view listing data and share this data with their clients broadening their reach to the majority of Oklahoma!

So What is IntraMatrix Anyways?
IntraMatrix is a service provided through CoreLogic that allows the access to another Matrix MLS. For our purposes, it would allow members in MLS Technology’s Matrix access MLSOK’s Matrix and vice-versa. The purpose of the IntraMatrix is to share listing data with each MLS in a cooperative manner than benefits both MLS’s members.

Does It Cost Me To Use IntraMatrix?
IntraMatrix is free to you as a member of our MLS!

Can I Enter a listing into MLSOK?
No. IntraMatrix only allows you to view listing data in MLSOK. You are not able to input a listing into their system through IntraMatrix. You would need to be an MLSOK member in order to add a listing into their system. A listing put onto our MLS would be visible to MLSOK members through IntraMatrix however.

Did MLS Technology & MLSOK Merge?
No. MLS Technology and MLSOK have not merged. Each is still owned and operated by their respective entities.


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