What is "Concierge Mode" and how does it work?

The Auto Email feature is an automated search that alerts you when new listings match your search criteria. Matrix will hold the matching listings in the “Concierge,” where you may approve the listings to be added to your client’s Portal or reject them. Once approved, your client will receive an email with a link to view their Portal.


Auto Emails do not alert you to price changes; however, the “New Saved Search” feature retrieves new listings AND price changes. 


Create an Auto Email

  1. After creating a search, click “Save” from the floating toolbar.
  2. Click “New Auto Email.”
  3. Choose a Contact, or enter a new Contact.
  4. Type a Subject line that will describe this search to your client.
  5. Choose to send listings through Concierge.
  6. Choose to copy notifications to you when new matches are found. 
  7. Click “Save; Go to Approvals.”


Selecting and Sending Your Listings

Once the Auto Email has been created, the Concierge widget will appear on the Home Page. The Concierge is a holding area for newly matched listings meeting your auto email search criteria. An alert will also appear on your Home Page when new matches are found.


Select and save a default display and number of listings per page to view in the Concierge.


For listings you wish to be added to your client’s Portal, click Approve and Send. They will receive an email with a link to access the Portal.


For listings you wish to be removed from the Concierge, click Reject, and an email will not be sent.

If you would like to track the listing for your contact in their Cart (e.g., Price Changes), click “Carts” to open the Carts Toolbar.


After clicking Cart, choose your client’s name from the drop-down menu on the toolbar. Click “Add To” to copy the listings to their Cart. 


Watch the Concierge for New Listings!


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