Matrix Quick Search Basics

From the Matrix navigation menu, hover over the Search Tab.

  1. From the dropdown list, select the desired Property Type (e.g., Residential, Commercial, Vacant Land, or Leasing), then click on the link for the type of search to run.
  2. From the Criteria tab, enter your search criteria.
  3. Add/Remove Additional Fields if needed.
  4. Select the search results Display type or the number of results per page.
  5. Click "Results" on the Button Bar.


  • Enter the price in thousands of dollars (i.e., 300+ means $300,000 and over).
  • Select multiple list box options by clicking an item while holding down the CTRL key

Search Operators

To narrow your search using operators, you can use the * to search for everything before or after the asterisk. Here are some examples. We'll use the Subdivision name as an example.


The query 'Park Place*' will result in Park Place I, II, III, IV. It won't return "The Villas at Park Place," which would require the query: '*Park Place.'


If you want results for both, you can use: '*park place,*' which will result in anything before or after "park place" - including The Villas at Park Place or Park Place III.


If you want Park Place I, II, and IV but not Park Place III, you can use the '!' to rule out options like 'Park Place*!, Park Place III' (Separated by a comma).


You can also rule out II and III, but not I and IV like this: 'Park Place*,!Park Place II,!Park Place III'.


Alternatively, you can use it like this: 'Park Place*,!Park Place II*,' because 'Park Place II*' will search for everything, including II, this means III will not be a part of that criteria. The exclamation point ensures exclusion from your search.



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