Auto Emails in Matrix

The Auto Email feature is an automated search that alerts you when new listings match your search criteria.

Create an Auto Email
- After creating a search, click Save from the floating toolbar at the bottom of the search results.
- Click New Auto Email Settings for Saving New Auto Email
- Choose a Contact, or Create a New Contact.
- Type a Subject line that will describe this email to your client.
- A default email message will be sent to your client, if you leave the Message box blank. Or you can type in your own message.
- Spell Check is available for the text you enter in the body of the email message.
- Your Signature will appear at the bottom of the email. Click Edit if need to make changes.
- The Criteria for your search is displayed here.

- Settings for the Email Notification:
o Concierge Mode: if you wish to view the listings before they are sent to your client.
o Reserve Prospecting: allow your client’s Ref ID to display to Agents with listings that match your search criteria.
o Favorite Search: add this search to the Favorite widget on your Home Page.

- Schedule for Notifications:
o ASAP: emails send as soon as possible
o Daily: select the specific days and time frame for sending emails.
- Click Save to create the Auto-Email.
IMPORTANT: Your contact’s portal is DIRECTLY LINKED to their email address. If you change their email address, their portal will be deleted and a new portal will be created.

Alternatively, add a 2nd email address in the “CC” field of the search or under their contact information.



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