Auto Emails in Matrix

The Auto Email feature is an automated search that alerts you when new listings match your search criteria.

Create an Auto Email

  1. After creating a search, click Save from the floating toolbar at the bottom of the search results.
  2. Click New Auto Email Settings for Saving New Auto Email
  3. Choose a Contact, or Create a New Contact.
  4. Type a Subject line that will describe this email to your client.
  5. You may use a default email message or type a personalized message.
  6. Spell Check is available for the text you enter in the body of the email message.
  7. Your Signature will appear at the bottom of the email. Click Edit if you need to make changes.
  8. The Criteria for your Search are displayed here.
  9. Click Save to create the Auto-Email.

Settings for the Email Notification:

  • Concierge Mode: to view the listings before sending them to your client.
  • Reserve Prospecting: allow your client's Ref ID to display to Agents with listings that match your search criteria.
  • Favorite Search: add this Search to the Favorite widget on your Home Page.

Schedule for Notifications:

  • ASAP: emails send as soon as possible
  • Daily: Select the specific days and time frame for sending emails.

Note: Your contact's portal is DIRECTLY LINKED to their email address. If you change the client's email address, the client's portal will be deleted, and a new portal created. Alternatively, you may add a second email address in the "CC" field of the Search or under their contact information.





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