Creating Custom Displays

The Custom Display feature allows you to create your listing displays with the fields you use most. Choose the order, label, and size for each field column. Access and edit your Custom Displays from the display picker on any search results screens. NOTE: When exporting from a Custom Display, the fields and format will not carry into the Export file. You must create a separate Custom Export to mimic the Custom Display.


Creating a New Custom Display

  1. At the top right click on your where it says "Hello, [your name]"
  2. Click Settings 
  3. Click Custom Displays

Managing Custom Displays

  • Table Type: Selecting Listing gives you the most field columns for your display.
  • Table: Select the Property Type for the field columns you would like to add to your display.
  • Move Up/Down: change the order of the select display
  • Add: Add a new Custom Display
  • Edit: make changes to an existing Custom Display
  • Copy: copy an existing Custom Display to use as a template
  • Delete: delete the Custom Display selected
  • Done: click when finished managing Custom Displays

 Build a Custom Display

  1. Create a Display name
  2. Add Columns
  3. In the Available Columns section, select your field columns
  4. Click Add to move them into the Selected Columns section
  5. Click Up/Down to change the order of the columns
  6. Customize Column Properties
  7. Click on the name of the selected column you would like to adjust
  8. Change the Label Name for the field
  9. Adjust the column width (in pixels)
  10. Change the Alignment if desired
  11. Click to allow the field to wrap
  12. Click Save

Use Your Display

  • After running a search, choose Custom Display from the drop-down menu. Custom Displayed will begin with ”Display Name.”
  • Edit your Custom Display at any time using the Edit link
  • Click on column headers to quickly sort the listings by that field.

Changes On-The-Fly

  • Hover in the column line, but not on a column header name. The cursor will change to the 4-arrows. Click the mouse.
  • Make modifications to the column selected. 
  • Change the Pixel width manually or with Auto-fit.
  • Change the Alignment
  • Remove the column selected.
  • Wrap the information in the column selected
  • Click Apply to save changes
  • Insert a column to add a new column
  • Scroll down to the field you want to add 
  • Type in the name of the field to add
  • Click Apply to add the column
  • Change the order of the columns by clicking and dragging the column to a new location. 
  • Click on the Settings Gear for saving the custom display.
  • Save the current display as the default for Results.
  • Reset to System default

Note:  You can make changes to the existing display. Changes On-The-Fly cannot be named for future selection.


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