Sent Emails in Matrix

The Sent Email page allows you to view complete history, including the listings and the email message you have sent from Matrix within the past 90 days. Various filters are available to help you find particular types of emails or narrow to a specific contact.


Accessing Sent Emails


Hover over My Matrix and click on 'Sent Email.' From here you'll be able to see all the emails sent, either direct mail or emails sent by auto email.


Filtering Sent Emails


Emails can be filtered in a variety of ways:

  • Click on a column header to sort the emails by the Time/Date sent, Recipients, Type, Subject, or the Date of email viewing.
  • Enter a Saved Search Name or a Contact's Name into the Search field to narrow sent emails.
  • Use the drop-down filter option to sort emails sent by Auto Email or Directly.

Note: A Direct Email is sent by selecting a listing(s) from any screen and clicking the Email button. An Auto Email is an automated search that alerts you when new listings match your client's search criteria. To create an Auto Email or for more information, please view our Auto Email Searches user guide.


Viewing Email Details

  • Click on the arrow to the left of the email to view the Email details. 
  • Click the 'Open in Portal' button to help your clients organize the listings in their portal. 
  • The link in the Contents column will take you to the Listings sent in an email.  
  • You can view the sent listings, resend the listings in a second email, or add sent listings to a Contact Cart from this list.


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