How do I use Authentisign?

In Transaction Desk, click on the Authentisign button (the pen) on the left. 


This will give you the Authentisign window. You can add new documents to the Authentisign with the button in the upper right, with the +.

Here, you input the signing name and if you wish, select the transaction if it already exists.


Click on Save and you'll be taken to the signing screen where you clarify the details of the signing, what order the participants will sign in or whether everyone can sign at the their own convenience. Next you add the participants, adding their information and arranging them if there is a signing order. Then adding the documents needing to be signed. Finally the Design step where you add the signature blocks and fill in any information needed on the documents themselves.


Once the information is filled out and ready to be sent just click the Start Signing button and the participants will be sent an email for them to complete their signing.


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