CMA Wizard

NOTE: The .PDF attached will show more information regarding the CMA Wizard. We highly recommend looking at the attached .PDF.

 CMA Wizard

Matrix User Guide

After narrowing down to a set of comparable listings in Matrix, click CMA to
begin the process to create the CMA presentation for your client.
Important Notes: Before you begin, Matrix will store your CMA for 180 days on your My Matrix, Contact page. Each time you update the CMA, Matrix will reset for another 180 days.

2. To print CMA report(s) without completing the entire process
a) Click the Pages tab, and then the Comparable tab
b) Choose Reports from list
c) Select Finish
d) View CMA to print reports

Create a Full CMA Report Presentation

1. Click Start
a) Choose client from dropdown menu, or create a new contact
b) Add a Description of your CMA

2. Select Pages
CMA Wizard
Matrix User Guide
a) Click the plus sign in front each report category to view report templates
b) Click the reports to include in CMA
c) Arrange order of reports using arrows at right of window
a. To remove Selected reports use the X button.
d) Upload your custom pages to make your CMA unique.
e) Once you have the pages selected to use, click on Set as Default for later uses.
TIP: When adding Custom Pages to your CMA, they must be in a PDF format. You may upload up to 5 Custom Pages to your CMA. Each page can be up to 10 Mb each.

3. Click Subject
CMA Wizard
Matrix User Guide
a) Enter old listing number to autofill subject property data (review
for accuracy)
b) Or, click link to Type in the subject property fields manually
c) Or, search for previous listing number using “Cross Property” link

4. Click Cover
a) Add your agent information and upload photo
b) Click Set as Default link to save data for future use
c) Enter the Seller’s contact information
d) Click Browse to upload subject property photo

5. Click Comparables
CMA Wizard
Matrix User Guide
a) Add/Remove Additional Comps
a. Select Listing, choose from toolbar
b) Sort Comparables
a. Choose Single Line Display
b. Click Column Header to Sort
c. Listing will Sort Ascending
Click Header again for Descending Example - Sort by Status

6. Click Map
Preview of the Map in the CMA Report
Note: The Map page is only available if
selected in the Pages step
CMA Wizard
Matrix User Guide

7. Click Adjustments
• Make adjustments to the comparable properties for each feature
• On the Single Line view make adjustments to multiple properties at once.
• In the Detailed mode, made adjustments to a single property

8. Click Pricing
• Enter Price Range or suggested Price
• Type in comparison notes to support the reasoning behind the suggested price

9. Select Finish & Review Data
• View the CMA to verify it is the information you wish to submit to your client.
• Click Subject tab to add Address, etc.
• Click the Comparables tab to run search or “add” from cart.
• When complete, email the CMA to your client.
• Click View CMA to view templates, auto-filled with listing data and client information.


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