Realist User Preferences in depth

Setting your User Preferences
The User Preferences page provides options for configuring personal settings for your Realist views. You can configure reports, search options, and Map options.

Configure Reports
The Configure Reports section lets you set overall report preferences for all reports and also controls settings for individual reports.
TIP: Reports configuration options are also available on the report and can be configured on the fly as you run reports.

Report Preferences
Report Preferences are the general settings that apply to all reports:

Option Description
Report Display Format Select Fixed if you want all fields to display on reports, even if there is no data for a field.

Select Dynamic if you want to hide fields that do not contain any data.

Display latest recording date of selected county on transaction-related reports
Select the check box to include the transaction data date for the county on the report.

Report-Specific Preferences
You can configure setting for the following reports:

•Property Detail Report
•Comparables Report
•Neighbors Report
•Neighborhood Profile Report
To configure the report options, click the report name to expand the options:

 These configuration options are also available within the report itself when you run it. Details on the preferences for each report are provided in Realist Reports.

Search Options
The Search Options preferences control the way information is displayed in the Search Results Grid:

Option Description
Maximum number of properties to view in results grid Select the number of properties you would like to display at one time in the Search Results Grid. The default is 250 records.
Display mailing label addresses registered on the Do Not Mail lists Select this option to return addresses registered on the Do Not Mail list when you generate mailing labels. There will be an indicator noting that the address is on the Do Not Mail list.
Display phone numbers registered on the Do Not Call lists Select this option to display phone numbers for people registered on the Do Not Call list. There will be an indicator noting that the person should not be called.
Include unmatched sale transactions in search results Select this option to include unmatched sales transactions in your search results.
Suppress unmatched sales older than Some sales, such as those for newly formed properties, cannot be matched to properties. Select this option to limit which unmatched sales transactions are returned in search results by within the last 6, 12, 18, or 24 months.

Map Options
Map options control whether or not the parcel boundaries show on the Map


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