Speed Bar Basics

The Speed Bar allows you to quickly search for listings using abbreviations and shortcuts. Criteria can be entered directly into the Speed Bar, or changed after running a search to narrow your results. You can also save your Speed Bar search as a shortcut to use it again in the future.  The Speed Bar accepts two types of input:

Speed Bar Shorthand: a series of simple codes you enter into the Speed Bar. Matrix translates your entries into search criteria and runs the corresponding search.

Speed Bar Shortcuts: any Matrix search that you've Saved As a Speed Bar shortcut. Enter its name in the Speed Bar and Matrix runs that saved search.

Shorthand Tips:
 Keep it simple and case doesn't matter
 Combine your Shorthand codes in any order (except for bedrooms and bathrooms)
 Put spaces between Shorthand codes, not commas
 Check the criteria on the results page to ensure it searched for what you asked for Speed Bar Shorthand Examples:
 ML Numbers: 1417995 or 1417995 1418090
 Status: A for Active; C for Closed
 Property Type: RES, COM, LND, LSE
 Examples: RES A for Residential Actives
 Street Number and Name: 123 Main (enter exact Street Name and omit Street Type)
 Street Name: Main (enter exact Street Name and omit Street Type)
 City: City name
 Price (In Thousands): $500-550 or $500+ or $500-(this is the current price for Actives; the Sales Price for Solds)
 Bedrooms and Bathrooms: 4+ 3+ for 4 or more bedrooms and 3 or more bathrooms
 Approx Square Feet: 2000+ sqft or 2000-2500 sqft
 Agent Search: AG Brown or AG Adam Brown
 Office Search: OFF Century*
Combining Shorthand Codes - Examples:
- RES A for Residential Active listings
- RES A 74003 for Residential Active listings in Zip Code 74003
- RES A 74003 $400+ 2+ for Residential Active in 74003 at $400,000 or above with 2 or more bedrooms

Field Examples:
Status: A, P, W, L, C, X
Price (in Thousands): You must use a '$' before the dollar amount.
 $300 --> Price equals $300,000
 $300-350 --> Price between $300,000 and $350,000
 $650+ --> Price equal to or greater than $650,000
 $300- --> Price equal to or less than $300,000
Beds: You may add a space and "beds" or "bd" after the number, but are not required to do so.
 3 bd--> Exactly 3 Bedrooms
 3-5 --> Between 3 and 5 Bedrooms, inclusive
 3+ --> Equal to or greater than 3 Bedrooms
 3- --> Equal to or less than 3 Bedrooms
Full Baths: You may add a space and "baths" or "ba" after the number, but are not required to do so.
 3 ba --> Exactly 3 Full Baths
 3 baths --> Exactly 3 Full Baths
 3-5 --> Between 3 and 5 Full Baths, inclusive
 3+ --> Equal to or greater than 3 Full Baths
 3- --> Equal to or less than 3 Full Baths
Zip Code: Enter a 5 digit Zip Code
 74003 74004
Approx Square Feet: You must add "sqft" after the number.
 3000+ sqft --> Equal to or greater than 3,000 sqft
 2000-2750 sqft --> Between 2,000 and 2,750 sqft, inclusive




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